Every day, thousands of students sit down for the Pearson Test of English Academic that carries weighty consequences for nursing registration, permanent residency, and other areas concerned with student endeavors. The score on this language proficiency test determines the success of a student in many areas. 

PTE is a computerized test that has been offered to students since 2014 in Australia. The grading process has been preordained to algorithms since the inception of PTE. For this purpose, PTE utilizes Natural Language Processing (NLP) artificial intelligence systems, an algorithm that has been christened automated essay scoring engines (AES) in programming lingo, as a primary essay grader. Apart from essay scoring, automated scoring is also used to assess Summarize Written Text and Summarize Spoken Text. There is no human scoring in PTE.

So, let's turn our attention to how automated essay scoring (AES) works. At a preset, AES is an artificial intelligence system that has been trained on pre-assessed essays, also known as corpus. If this is the case, what's the implication for the students? The truth is that PTE essay scoring is inflexible. It is only looking at certain criteria. When a student fails to include the specific criteria set by PTE in the essay, then the score will be low no matter how well the essay is written. 

Now, the question remains, 'Can I score in the PTE with a preformulated template essay answer?'. The simple is Yes. You can easily score in PTE Writing if you use an essay template. However, the problem lies in the proper use of templates. If you are using a template, make sure that the template answers all the criteria set forth by the PTE. If you are unsure about whether your essay template meets all the criteria, you can use the essay template found in our PTE online course. We provide plagiarism-free essay templates in our online and in-class PTE coaching

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