Shifting from one test to another can be nerve-wrecking. IELTS candidates are in this situation when they are about to shift from IELTS to PTE Academic. If that is you, then here's some practical strategies on how to change from IELTS format to the more common PTE format without losing too much sleep over it.

Things to know before you decide to take PTE

New PTE Test format 2021

The new PTE Test format is changing from approximately 3 hours to nearly 2 hours. So, this maybe beneficial to those students looking for a shorter duration.

PTE Preparation

One thing that I’ve observed is that preparation for one test can be completely different than for another. However, there are some similarities. There are certain fundamentals to any good practice regime. For example, having a writing or speaking task ready to go, writing or speaking every day so you retain the words and phrases you need for the exam, evaluating your material frequently to identify what needs revision. All of these methods apply well whether you’re preparing for an IELTS speaking test or an PTE writing test. The same goes for vocabulary lists that you can store in your smartphone or print out to help you learn new word combinations that could be useful in the test. You might find yourself doing part of your preparation from a piece of material or any of the online PTE tutorials.

PTE Course

Determine whether you need tutorial to succeed. There is a high probably of success in PTE over a short duration with tutorials and PTE preparation course. You might want to do your search around. We provide extensive PTE preparation tutorial to cater to various needs of students based on their targeted score.


Tips to help you shift from PTE to IELTS

  1. Take PTE Online Practice test free on one of the many websites
  2. Learn about new PTE Score Format
  3. Learn about PTE Test Format (new PTE Test format changes from 16 November 2021)
  4. Learn about PTE course
  5. Take new PTE mock test


Eric Shrestha

About the Author

Eric scored 90 in all four Communicative Skills of PTE with 90 in all of Enabling Skills. He scored in the 99th percentile on the SAT with 117 out of 120 in TOEFL. He went on to graduate with a degree in Genetics and Biochemistry followed by 7 years of post-graduate study in Biomedical Sciences with a focus on cancer research. His GRE score was in the 99th percentile. Before migrating to Australia from the US, he attained 9 in Reading, 9 in Listening, 8.5 in Writing, and 8 in Speaking in IELTS. He is passionate about bringing education and the tools to succeed to students from all backgrounds and walks of life. He has years of tutoring experience and researches Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and Automated Essay Scoring in his free time.