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PTE Academic, also known only as PTE, is a 180 minutes long, computer-based assessment of a person’s English language ability in an academic context. The test assesses an individual’s communicative skills of Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking skills through questions using authentically-sourced material. In addition, the test provides feedback on enabling skills in the form of Oral Fluency, Grammar, Vocabulary, Written Discourse, Pronunciation and Spelling. 

180 minutes. 

Time Breakdown:

  1. Speaking (30 - 35 minutes)
  2. Writing (40 or 50 or 60 minutes)
  3. Reading (32 - 41 minutes)
  4. Listening (45 - 57 minutes) 

After a comprehensive research program by the leading experts in language learning and assessment, PTE Academic was launched in 2009. 

PTE has different scoring levels, notably, overall score, communicative skills score and enabling skills score.

PTE Overall score is the total score assigned to you ranging from 10 - 90, on one point increment.

Commonly, most students take an average of communicative skills to calculate their overall score. However, this gives an erroneous score.

In the illustration below, if you average the communicative skills - you will have 87. However, the overall score given is 90. So, let's learn how the score is calculated?

PTE Example Score Calculation

The method PTE calculates overall score is not the average of four communicative skills, but far from that, it’s a derivative of the 20 question types. Indeed, a complex cumulative score calculation is used for PTE Listening and Writing section.

So, how does it really work? Let’s get an idea by how the score for Speaking is calculated. This is exactly how the overall PTE score is calculated.

PTE Overall Score Calculation

In the above table, the total points for Speaking are 380 and let’s assume that you acquired 300 total points.

This is the formula to calculate PTE overall score: total points you have collected is divided by overall total points and then multiplied by 90. So in the table above, that will come to around 71 (after rounding the numbers).

So, now you know how the PTE overall score is calculated – i.e. a total of all the points, including the integrated point contributor from various question types – to which the formula aforementioned is applied.

If you want to learn more about how the PTE score – both overall score and individual question works, join our PTE preparation course today. If you are already prepared for PTE test, you can assess your preparedness with our accurate PTE practice mock test.

All PTE question components are scored using PTE Academic’s automated scoring system. The scores range from 10 - 90. In terms of PTE marking criteria, there is a difference in how each question type is evaluated. Some question types are evaluated based on correctness alone, while others are evaluated on correctness, formal aspects, and the quality of the response. Formal aspect is the form of the response or in plain words; it is the length of your response. For instance, it evaluates whether your response is within the word limit or not. The quality of the response is the scores shown in the enabling skills section. For instance, Re-tell lecture (Speaking) is scored based on your fluency and pronunciation. Overall, PTE has two types of scoring methods: correct or incorrect, and partial score/ partial credit.                                                                                                                        

  • Correct or incorrect: If your answer is correct, you will receive 1 score point. However, an incorrect score will be given 0.
  • Partial credit: Apart from correct or incorrect types, all PTE answers are scored with partial credit. If all answer segments of a particular question are correct, full score will be provided. If some of the answer segments are correct, a partial score will be assigned. In cases where none of the answers are correct, no score points will be allocated.

PTE Academic scores are valid for two years from the date of the report issue. PTE Academic is valid for two years for applications to colleges and universities, and student visa in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. Even after the two years expire, your PTE score is still accessible via your online account. PTE Academic scores that are within 3 years from the date of issue can be used to apply for visas with the Australian Department of Home Affairs.

PTE mock test is a fully scored - timed PTE Academic test that helps you to familiarize yourself with the test format. It is called PTE mock test because it simulates the real PTE test. PTE mock test score report tests your skills across all components. Our PTE mock testhas been developed through years of research and development to give you an accurate representation of your preparedness for the real test.

65 score in all four components of PTE is accepted in Australia for a nursing course.

65 score in all four components of PTE is accepted by APHRA for nursing registration.

From 29th October 2019, PTE Academic test takers are able to view and assign their test scores for up to 3 years from their test date.

You can use the following score alignment to know the equivalent score between PTE and IELTS.