Deepa Sharma

This course is fantastic. Upon completion, you have mastered the key points required to score 79 in PTE.

Johnamae Therese Torres Uddin

Love Progressive PTE course!!! Especially taking classes where I had the tutor explain things to me. I used the study guide and a guide on how to write essays – which helped me score my target. A must have course for any student!!

Shami Shrestha

Progressive PTE is great for any PTE aspirant. It's really helping me with sections that I was struggled with. I did recommend a few of my fellow classmate about Progressive, because it's truly helping and ease my pressure. I had a lot of stress when I was preparing for PTE, but Progressive PTE really made things more easier for me. Therefore, I wanted to thank the entire team of Progressive that make students dream come true.

Mekdad Knaj

Excellent materials helped a lot with improving my writing and reading skills.

Nischal Khadka

Progressive PTE had been a very useful tool throughout my PTE preparation. It had helped me to improve in my Writing and Listening sections with sample materials and experts help when I was stuck. I will say thank you all for all that you do in helping students like me. I could not have done it without you.

Urmila Shrestha

Learning at Progressive PTE has been beneficial in the fact that I feel like I don't have to go at this tricky score quest alone. Thank you so much for all your guidance and support for helping me achieve my score.

Muhammad Zain Khan

It helped me to understand what is needed when doing my PTE. Thanks for your motivation.

Pankaj Jaiswal

Progressive PTE has been so helpful throughout my preparation. There are plenty of resources to assist students with getting their scores.

Abdul Rahman Mohammed Ali Hanin

I do not know how I would have done it without Progressive PTE preparation! I was able to see step by step solutions when I got stuck with low score in a section.

Nitin Parwat

Thank u Progressive PTE. U know every little tricks to score in the computer based PTE. I bet no one has understood PTE algorithm better than you. I scored 87.

Xiaochong Wang

I found this PTE course worthwhile and helpful. I scored 90 easily with this really great PTE course.

Abhisek Jung Adhikari

Something that I appreciate about this class is its commitment to encourage students to get involved in everything required to achieve the score. I scored 83.