Deepa Baruwal

Great place for PTE help! They instilled the confidence in me to achieve my score. I scored 83.

Sumin Kumar Bhattarai

Thank you so much. It would not have been possible without attending classes. I scored 80.

Klaudia Kovacsova

Thanks for the motivation. Helped me score in my first PTE test.

Farita Theng Lama

Great place to go for PTE Writing help! Tutor help is awesome! I scored 90.

Nishan Khadka

I was able to score 82 easily without much effort. Loved the PTE guidance and techniques.

Sujanya Piya

I scored 82. I am so glad I found Progressive PTE. Thank you. 

Sujit Gurung

This PTE resource was very helpful and beneficial! I scored above 80.

Srijana Rayamajhi

Very helpful. I was able to score 90. Thank you.

Sarthak Karki

Scored 86 in the first attempt in less than 4 weeks. Thanks for the help.

Sharad Bhattarai

Progressive has been an absolute lifesaver, when I was struggling with endless attempts at scoring. Thank you Progressive for being my hero. I scored 83.

Santosh Pandey

Great PTE information and background. Personal feedbacks help to improve. I scored 85.

Anish Acharya

Excellent service. I was not able to attend many classes. Although I only needed 65, I ended up with 73 in the first attempt.