Asmita Devkota

My husband’s learning experience with this PTE coaching centre was very good. No wonder, I came to the same place when I needed my score.

Astha Kandel

Excellent source of information on details of PTE preparation.

Avijit Biswas

Gives you a starting point and then takes you along a sharp learning curve for better score in PTE.

Ayaz Mahmood Zishan

Being able to focus specifically on the right PTE preparation material to study is great and this centre is extremely helpful in doing that.

Babita KC

Polished and improved my learning and writing skills in PTE.

Bhawana Thapa

This PTE tutorial really helped me out to score in PTE.

Bhopindra Prasad Kandel

This PTE centre has good information and materials. Tutors help you in any question you ask.

Bhumi Rokaya

You guys are awesome!! Very helpful tips and strategies for PTE preparation!! Thanks for the course!

Bijani Bhasima

Progressive PTE has been a very helpful resource to achieve my PTE score.

Biju Shrestha

Best help any student can get for PTE preparation.

Bikash Dahal

The resources available have helped me do well with improving my PTE test taking skills. Many times I asked the tutor to help me clarify something and those were such a lifesaver.

Bikash Gauchan

Thanks to Progressive PTE preparation course for helping me with my score.